Templates, Snippets and Annexures – 3 ways to save time in Forms Live

There are three great ways to save a lot of time filling in forms with Forms Live.

Create a template

If you have a form that is largely the same each time and which you use frequently, you can fill in a form once and then save it as a template. This can be a great way to save time for things such as requests to maintenance contractors, or contracts where you have different terms and conditions or annexures to the standard contract.

Create a snippet

If you have some text that you use occasionally, save it into the Snippet section. This might be a special term or condition that applies to some properties – such as units but not houses – or anything that you find yourself typing out fairly regularly into sections of forms. You’ll be able to then add these Snippets into any form.

Create an Annexure

If you have additional terms and conditions that are not specifically included in the contract, create some Annexures and you can add these quickly, and set up requirements that they are signed if necessary. 

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